Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've been neglecting you...

I've been lacking in creativity for my home lately. That was until I went to Hawaii.
Our condo in Maui gave me SO much inspiration. So much that I wrote down the style of bedding, furniture and accessories. It was decorated with an island retreat theme which is expected considering where we were :) What surprised me was that it wasn't *flashy* island decor.

Our Condo:
Furniture from Tommy Bahama--$$$
Bedding from Eastern Accents--$$$
Accessories on walls I found at Banana Wind in Maui who's website is under construction. They have some unique treasures. I wish I would have bought this stuff while I was there, dang it!

I decided that I wanted to incorporate this design somewhere in my home. The only place I could really think of was our guest bathroom. Obviously the bedding wouldn't be used (I probably can't afford it anyway) but the color scheme and design is what I'm aiming for...

Our guest bathroom:
Lowe's woven paintable wallpaper
Carved wood accents (target or order them from Hawaii)
Wood trim to frame mirror
I plan to use a small postcard I found as artwork

While in Hawaii we went to a coffee plantation and they were selling big burlap coffee bags for $8 dollars. We brought one home to frame. We're not sure where it will go just yet.

I love to buy artwork from local artists when I travel. I plan to frame this with the rest of my "artist collection"